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Yarmouth Skating Club offers a STAR Development (formerly called Group Junior)
Program to bridge the gap between Canskate and Starskate
Skaters are invited to participate in this program by the Canskate Coach. YSC will be running a STAR Development program in the upcoming Winter Session. Skaters and parents of this program will be contacted by our coaches in September to see if they are interested.
If a skater has passed Stage 5 in Canskate and demonstrates an interest in Figure Skating.They and their parents may be asked if they are interested in trying this program.
It runs on Monday nights only from 430-530pm
The skater is with a Professional Coach for most but not all of the time. The Coaching time helps them progress with figure skating skills and then when the skater is not in "coaching time" they are expected to work on their own on the skills they have learned.
This is more like a Starskate session as those skaters are expected to work on their own most of the time.
Skaters who are invited to the STAR Development session are still expected to remain in Canskate at least once per week.
In STAR Development the Coaching fees are included in the registration price. This makes is a more affordable chance to try out the sport and see if it is a good fit for your skater and your family.
Once the Coaches feel the skater is ready they are moved into the Starskate program. In Starskate the coaching fees are not included in the registration costs. The parents are given a bill from the Coach every few weeks and are to make payments directly to that Coach.

**There are no refunds for our programs unless there is a medical illness and/or injury preventing the skater from participating.

We require a medical certificate varifying proof of illness and/or injury. The refund will be pro-rated from the date that the medical certificate was received. There will be a $50 administration fee deducted from the refund. The Skate Canada fee is non-refundable.

All NSF cheques will be charged an additional $20 fee.**