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YSC STARSkater Wall Of Fame

Our STARSkaters compete in 2 different judging systems in the province.

One is for the STAR 1-4 level skaters. They will receive levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze or Merit) on each element they complete at competition. The total number of levels they receive determines which ribbon level they receive (Gold, Silver, Bronze or Merit)

Our STARSkaters in STAR 5 to Gold and Pre-Juvenile to Senior receive a pre-determined amount of points (set by Skate Canada before the competition season begins) for each element they complete in their programs at competition. These elements can then receive GOE's (Grades of Execution) a zero means the element was to standard/satisfactory. A minus GOE might be given if the skater did a spin that did not stay in one spot while they were spinning or puts a hand down when landing a jump. A minus GOE means the skater receives less points for the element.

A plus GOE may be given if the element was performed above standard level. For example a spin with excellent postions or a jump which was done higher and with greater speed than standard. When a Skater receives a plus GOE they receive more points for that element.

Below is a list of our STARSkaters in STAR 5 and above who received + GOE's at competition:

Robert McCall Memorial Competition in Dartmouth Feb 2015

Shayleigh Doucet- Pre-Juvenile Ladies under 11

+1 GOE Combination spin

+1 GOE Sit change sit spin

+1 GOE Flying sit spin


Kylie Landry - Gold Ladies

+1 GOE double salchow/axel combination jump


STARSkate Provincial Championships  Feb 2015

Shayleigh Doucet- Pre-Juvenile Ladies Under 11

+2 GOE Combination spin

+1 Spiral Sequence

+1 GOE sit change sit spin


Sharlie Pinksen  STAR 5 Ladies Under 13

+1 GOE single flip jump

+1 GOE spiral sequence


ATLANTIC Skating Championships March 2015

Shayleigh Doucet- Pre-Junvenile Ladies Under 11

+2 GOE Combination spin

+1 GOE sit change sit spin


Kylie Landry - Gold Ladies

+1 GOE Flying Camel Spin

+1 GOE double salchow


Congratulations Ladies!!

Parents of skaters in STAR 1-4 please don't forget to email me with the name of the competition and the name of the elements that your skaters received gold levels in last year so I can include them too :)