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Skating and Winter Weather.

Now that we are in the winter months school may be cancelled due to weather.

Please note this does NOT mean that skating is cancelled. The weather and road conditions can change greatly from the time that school makes the decision to close to the time that your skating session would start.If skating is cancelled due to weather we will post it in this spot by early afternoon on the day of the cancelled skating session. A decision to travel in winter weather is always left to the discretion of the skaters parent and/or guardian. As stated in the brochure below Canskate has 20 sessions scheduled and guarantee 18 sessions. If, due to weather cancellations we fall below the 18 sessions we will schedule make up sessions after March Break





October 13, 2015- March 11, 2015
20 sessions, guarantee 18




Registration Information

Registration will be held at the Mariner’s Centre on October 1, 6, and 8 from 530-7 pm

Late Registration Policy
If you register your skater after skating starts a $10 late fee will be applied to your registration

Refund Policy

There will be no refunds without
a medical certificate verifying illness or injury. There is also be a $50.00 administration fee if a skater withdraws after registering with YSC.

NSF cheques will be charged an additional $20.00 fee.

YSC reserves the right to cancel or change any skating session due to lack of registration.

• Please note: All fees are non-refundable


click here for Winter Canskate brochure cover

Click here for printable version of Canskate brochure inside


Funds are available to help with the ever increasing costs of sports programs for children. For more information please visit www.kidsport.ca

Programs begin the week of Oct 12th, 2014

There is no skating on

Christmas Vacation: December 18 to January 3
Resumes week of January 4, 2016

Tuesday CanSkate ends March 8th
Thursday CanSkate ends March 10th

20 sessions, guarantee 18.


** If there are any cancellations due to weather or we are cancelled due to a Mariners Game or other rental activity the information will be posted on the website and on the Bulletin Board located in Arena 1. If we are below the 18 guarantee sessions the rescheduled skating sessions will be made up after March Break. Dates and times for rescheduled sessions will again be posted on the website and on the bulletin board in Arena 1.
Please check these places to ensure you skater does not miss any of their skating sessions**


CanSkate is the Learn-to-Skate program for beginners ages 4 and up. It not only teaches beginners fundamental movements and basic skills but also introduces skaters to the spirit and fun of skating. This program emphasizes continuous movement and is taught in group lesson format in a small coach-skater ratio.


Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:15pm


Thursdays 5:30pm-6:15pm


Parents can enrol skaters for Tuesday’s AND/OR Thursday’s whichever works best for your schedules.

Switching between days however is not permitted.
Skaters: Please register for the session you
are qualified for. YSC reserves the right to
final placement of skaters in sessions.
Skaters must skate the day they have registered/paid for unless ice has been cancelled or changed by YSC.
If you choose to skate another day, guest skating rates will apply.


Sessions must add a $33 fee as per Skate Canada for registration and insurance. These dues are good from Sept 1,2015-August 31 2016
If your child was registered in Fall School 2015 you have already paid this fee.
Skaters will receive $40 recoverable tickets. Once you sell the tickets the money is yours just return the ticket stubs to us by Dec 12th, 2015.



CanSkate registration prices

1 day $315
2 days $450


Payment can be made in cash or cheque in person. Online registration, we can offer credit card payment.
Cheques are made payable to Yarmouth Skating Club.
Payment can be made all at registration time or half at registration time and half by cheque post dated for December 2nd, 2015

Online registration is available and easy.
Go to www.yarmouthskatingclub.com.
Go to Registration. Your options will be there. The site takes credit card payment also. The discount for registering for both Canskate days is applied once both are selected when you are on the registeration screen.




Yarmouth Skating Club


October 13, 2015 – March 31, 2016

Under the direction of
Skate Canada Coach

Megan Long

Programs begin the week of Oct 12th,2015

There is no skating on
Thanksgiving October 12
Christmas Vacation: December 18 to January 3

Skating resumes on January 4th, 2016

There is no skating on March Break

Click here for Cover of Starskate brochure

Click here for inside of Starskate brochure

Skaters: Please register for the session you
are qualified for.YSC reserves the right to
final placement of skaters in sessions.
Skaters must skate the day they have registered/paid for unless ice has been cancelled or changed by YSC.
If you choose to skate another day, guest skating rates will apply.

Guest skating prices:
$20 per hour or $30 for 1.5 hours. Must be paid in full before skater is permitted on the ice.

(STAR=Skills, Test, Achievement and Recognition)
Skills introduced in the CanSkate stages are advanced and refined in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, freeskate and interpretive skating. Unique to Canada, this program teaches figures skating skills in private and/or group lesson format in Junior, Intermediate or Senior Programs.

STAR 1 & 2
 Assessed at Canskate Stage 5 or higher or at the discretion of Skate Canada coach.

STAR 3 +
has passed Star 3 level Skate Canada tests in all disciplines or has completed Preliminary level tests in all disciplines (ie Dance, Skills and Freeskate) or at coaches discretion

Star Development
This program is offered by invitation to skaters in Canskate Stage 5 or above. The program includes 1 hour of ice time and coaching. It is in addition to one Canskate session per week. Skaters must be registered for Canskate to be considered. This is an introductory program to figure skating therefore figure skates are required.


Star Development 4:30-5:30pm
Star 1 – 2   4:30-5:30pm
Star 3+      5-6:20pm

STAR 3+    4:30-5:30pm
Open         6:30-7:50pm

Star 3+      5-6:20pm

Star 1 – 2   4:30-5:30pm
Open          6:30-7:50pm

• All fees include stroking
• All sessions must add a $33 fee as per Skate Canada for registration and insurance. These dues are good from Sept 1, 2015-August 31 2016.
• If your child was registered in Fall School 2015 you have already paid this fee.
• STAR 1 & 2 and STAR 3+skaters must add $40 fee in recoverable tickets
• Once tickets are sold you keep the money and return ticket stubs to us by December 12th,2015


Star Development (Mon) registration price $150.00



  Sessions per week Days Scheduled Price $ Discount Total $ after discount
STAR 1-2 2 Monday + Thursday 396.00 10% 356.40
STAR 1-2 3 Monday+ Thursday + one Open (Tuesday or Thursday only) 3.5 hours 693.00 21% 547.47
STAR 1-2 4

Monday + Thursday + Tuesday Open + Thursday Open

5 hours

990.00 32% 673.20
STAR 3+ 2

Tuesday( Star 3+ and Open)+ Thursday Open

4 hours

792.00 20% 633.60
STAR 3+ 3

Tuesday (Star 3+ and Open)+Wednesday +Monday or Thursday (open)

5.5 hours

1089.00 30% 762.30
STAR 3+ 4

Monday+ Tuesday (STAR 3+ and Open) +Wednesday + Thursday Open

7 hours

1386.00 40% 831.60


NOTE FOR STARSKATERS: It is recommended by YSC coaches that skaters register for a minimum of two sessions per week. Recreational skaters (one day per week) are welcome and will enjoy the health and fitness benefits associated with sport participation but will find tests and competitive results are difficult to attain at this level of participation. Please contact Megan Long for scheduling one day session.

Yamouth Skating Club

Mailing address:
PO Box 571
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
B5A 4B4
Club email: yarmouthskatingclub@hotmail.ca

2015-2016 Club Executive
President Cheryl Cook (Acting)
Vice President Ginette Theriault
Past President
Secretary Jamie Spates
Treasurer Cheryl Cook
Test Chair Treena Landry
Publicity Treena Landry
Registrar Marilee Lyons
Members at Large Denise Stone and
Vicki d'Entremont


Professional Coaching Staff

Megan Long

Lorraine Swim

Kylie Landry


• Sometimes the Mariner’s Centre may
need to change our ice times. In the event
that this occurs we will post any changes
on the website and if we have your email address we can email it to you as well.
Please make sure we have a valid email address and that you check it and the website regularly


For online Starskater registrations the discount and the recoverable fundraising tickets will be applied once you have selected the appropriate program(s) for registration.

Where the online system is new you may receive a yellow warning upon registration and check out that your skater may not meet requirements to register for the program. This is a warning only. You can still proceed to check out. We cannot add skaters achievement levels until after the parent/guardian has created a log in and registered their skater for the first time. Once parents/guardians have done this we will then go in and add the skaters achievements after the fact so the yellow warning will not happen in the future.